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2 boxes for £14 | 2 Pouches for £26 | Free Delivery
2 boxes for £14 | 2 Pouches for £26 | Free Delivery

Gift Tag


Sending as a gift? Add your name here and we'll place a Gift Tag on their box so they know you're thinking of them.

*If you're buying more than one box please also purchase the same number of gift tags, as we only send one per box.

Simply type your Name in the box and click 'add to cart'. Repeat as needed to add a second or third gift tag.

We only allow your name on our gift tags not a full message, we complete lots of orders per day and are unable to write lots of custom messages (sorry!), if you do put a custom message here we'll have to ignore it so please only include your name.

Our Gift Tag still shows you're thinking of them and we hand write your Name on the tag to give it that personal touch, which they'll love and be able to thank you for!