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NEW! Grab a 200g bag of your favourite sweet here 👈
NEW! Grab a 200g bag of your favourite sweet here 👈

We're taking a quick break

Firstly we just wanted to say thank you to all our wonderful customers this year, last year and since we started this journey year. It's been super busy, super crazy and the outside world turned upside down a little. 

With normality returning we are taking the opportunity for a quiet break from the business. But we must stress we're coming back so don't worry!

Now many of our customers know that we're a family run business and sometimes that means working around the clock. And this year has been no different we've done late nights, early mornings and everything in between. Whilst we love what we do it's time for a little break.

We're having a holiday, one to recharge our batteries and get some much needed rest.

Which means any orders placed in the next few days won't be sent out until the 2nd of August. If you're expecting your order earlier than this then we're sorry but that won't be possible. We will of course be happy to cancel any orders and refund that are needed sooner.

Once again thank you to all our lovely customers this year. We will see you in a week!

The Jen's Sweet Shop Online Team