Instagram Competition

Thank you for being part of our big sweet giveaway! We're really excited about it.

We've just launched a range of sweet boxes and to celebrate we're giving one of your followers a chance to win one!

The competition

As discussed we're running a competition where one of your lucky followers can win themselves a box full of our sweets. To enter they simply need to follow our @jenssweetshop account, comment their favourite sweets on your post and of course follow your account.

We have decided to allow you as the Instagrammer to choose your winner at random. Please ensure the winner who you choose is fairly chosen and follows all the rules. Which are:

  1. Follow @jenssweetshop
  2. Comment with your favourite sweets on our post
  3. You must follow (insert your instagram here)

To ensure the competition rules our followed please include the following on your posts:



  1. Follow @jenssweetshop
  2. Comment with your favourite sweets
  3. You must follow (insert your instagram here) - Competition Ends on the 30th September 2018

The winners will be drawn at random and announced on Jens Sweet Shop's Instagram. UK entries only.

Once you've chosen your winner we will collect their names so make sure you let us know. We'll then announce them all on our channels and welcome you to also share them!

Important Info

You now have your box so start whenever you like and share away. You have creative licence to share our boxes wherever and however you like. In a style that suits your instagram. All we ask is you share or mention the competition a minimum of 3 times over the competition period. We will be supporting the competition with our presence too.

Start date: As Soon As You're Ready! But please before 18th of September.

Close date: 30th September 2018

Hastags: #jenssweetshop and #jenssweetbox

If you have any further questions please contact us directly on