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Build your own sweets & we'll deliver it through your letterbox
Build your own sweets & we'll deliver it through your letterbox


We all have questions so we've compiled a list of a most frequent ones here, if you can't find your just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Customers please read: It's important to check your delivery details and ensure you enter a house number or house name to your order. If you don't it can cause delivery issues with Royal Mail. We are unable to take responsibility if your box fails to arrive due to missing address details, so please check carefully.

We'll always look to help any customers with those rare delivery issues, but please ensure you check your order throughly to help us and you, thank you!

Do you have "this" or "that"?
Are the sweets gelatine free and suitable for vegetarians?
How long does delivery take?
How much does delivery cost?
What if my product is damaged during delivery?
Do you deliver sweets internationally?
Do you accept returns?
How many sweets will I get?
How long is delivery?
Sending to multiple address
Who delivers our boxes?
How much does each pouch weigh?
How do we package our sweets?
Are we good value?

Can't find your answer, no problem email your question to or use our contact page.