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Our story is part of the reason we believe our brand give us a unique offering. But if you were to ask us why buy from us? Our number one reason is because this is what we do. An old fashioned bricks and mortar sweet shop that wants to bring the same experience online. Besides who doesn't love sweets?!

We started 8 years ago as just an idea. A random impulse decision to open a sweet shop. We knew there wasn't enough good old fashioned sweet shops anymore. So we opened one in a small indoor market selling sweets. Back then we weighed out 100 grams of and pre-bagged up the sweets. Which as you can imagine took a lot of time and effort. But we were determined to bring back a traditional way of doing things those old fashioned sweet shops you remember as a child.

Our first shop

After almost 2 years of success we moved. From our tiny market stall to a fully fitted sweet shop. It took us a good few months to get ready and in August of 2011, Jens Sweet Shop was officially open for business. We went big too, stocking over 400 different types of sweets from retros, hard boiled, liquorice to gummies and pick n mix. Our shops changed over the years but one thing has stayed the same, we're a traditional sweet shop with a sprinkle of modern candy.

Going online

These days you can't go far without a smartphone or tablet so it only felt right to go online. The hardest part for us was making sure we conveyed the same quality and great products we sell instore online. You might think we've got some one who knows what they are doing to put this website together. But in reality we've done everything ourselves it has been through a few revisions, we've taken several photos (so many photos) and spent hours and hours getting it just right. The end result is something we're really proud of. Right now we've got only a 100+ products on the site but there are over a 100+ more to come so keep an eye out for your favourite. If you're desparate to find it please contact us the chances are we already have it, can get it or you're that old they stopped making it (sorry if that's you).

Thank you!

"Thank you for your continued support online and in store. We're really proud of what we've achieved over the last 8 years and can't wait to bring you even more. Thank you!"